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The Truth About Eversource Electric Rates in Connecticut and How Solar Power Offers a Solution

Are you tired of feeling like a victim to Eversource's ever-increasing electric rates? Have you noticed that every year, your bill seems to go up, even when you're using less electricity? You're not alone.

Eversource has a trick up their sleeve - they increase their rates by a substantial amount one year, only to decrease them by a small percentage the next year. While on the surface, it may seem like Eversource is doing their customers a favor, the reality is that they're tricking us into thinking that we're getting a good deal. But the truth is, Eversource's electric rates go up consistently every year, making it more difficult for homeowners in Connecticut to manage their monthly expenses.

Eversource's Devious Plan

Over the past few years, Eversource has increased their rates by a significant amount, causing an uproar among Connecticut residents. The following year, they decrease the rate by a small percentage, usually around 6%, and advertise it proudly as a win for their customers. However, what they don't tell you is that the decrease is a calculated move to convince their customers that they are getting a good deal. But there's a catch - in just six months, Eversource will increase their rates again, this time by 30% or more.

When viewed from a bird's eye view, it's clear that Eversource's rates go up consistently every year, making it more difficult for Connecticut residents, especially those on fixed incomes, to manage their monthly expenses.

Eversource's Monopoly on Electricity

What's worse is that Eversource holds a monopoly on electricity in Connecticut, meaning that homeowners don't have any other options besides going solar and owning their power. This monopoly allows Eversource to increase their rates without fear of customers switching to a different provider. This is why homeowners in Connecticut need to start exploring alternative options that can help them save money and become independent of Eversource's rates.

The Solar Solution: A Billswap for Connecticut Homeowners

So, what's the alternative to paying increasing electric rates to Eversource? The answer is simple - go solar. Solar energy provides a stable and predictable energy source, allowing homeowners to lock in stable energy costs and reduce their reliance on Eversource. Additionally, when you make the switch to solar, you're effectively swapping your monthly electric bill to a solar financing option - meaning you don't have to pay out of pocket expenses to start generating your own energy.

The Combined Public Benefits Charge

Here's another interesting fact - everyone who pays Eversource is already contributing towards incentives for homeowners to go solar through the Combined Public Benefits Charge. This charge is included in your monthly electric bill and acts as a fund that Eversource uses to pay out incentives for homeowners who make the switch to solar.

Making the switch to solar in Connecticut not only saves you money, but it also helps create a cleaner and more sustainable future by reducing your carbon footprint.


Eversource may try to trick homeowners into thinking they're getting a good deal with their decrease in rates, but the reality is that their rates consistently go up year after year. Homeowners in Connecticut need to start exploring alternatives to Eversource, and solar energy offers a stable and predictable energy source that can help homeowners lock in stable energy costs and reduce their reliance on Eversource.

By making the switch to solar, homeowners in Connecticut can save money and take control of their energy costs while contributing to a more sustainable future. Contact a solar provider today to learn more about how solar power can provide a solution to Eversource's increasing electric rates.

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