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Harness the Sun to Save $, Energize, Utilize, Store, and Even Sell Power That You Own.

TERRA Energy Consultants(Formerly Titan Energy Consultants) is building integrity back into the renewable energy industry. Our customers deserve to have peace of mind knowing that their decision to go with the most dependable solar and energy solutions company will pay off for years to come. We make the process Smart , Simple and Sustainable - not only for the environment; but for homeowners.

TerraEnergy: Unmasking Solar Myths and Empowering Connecticut Homeowners with Honest Solar Education


The Truth about Solar Energy for Homeowners In Connecticut. 

We're Here To Educate Homeowners On The Pro's & Con's Of Solar Energy For Your Home.

At Terra Energy, we're here to shed light on the true value of solar energy. Many homeowners harbor the misconception that transitioning to solar power requires hefty out-of-pocket expenses. This couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, choosing solar energy eradicates the ever-rising electric bill that homeowners dread, which has seen a minimum annual increase of 10% and shockingly surged by 150% just last year. With solar, this unpredictable expense is replaced by a significantly reduced, stable solar bill. In fact, you can expect your solar bill to be up to 50% less than your current electric bill. Furthermore, it remains a flat rate, unchanging, and unaffected by market fluctuations, ensuring homeowners save increasingly over time.

What's more? In certain areas of Connecticut, the local government incentivizes homeowners to go solar, offering annual payments ranging from $300 to $1,500 for 20 years. As a dedicated partner in your solar transition, TerraEnergy is here to dispel all myths and misconceptions around solar energy. Our mission is to provide clear, comprehensive education on the advantages and nuances of solar power, enabling homeowners to make an informed and beneficial switch.

Quality Beyond Expectations

Quality is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we put quality at the forefront in every step of our design and installation process. Every Titan Energy system that is installed is designed and customized to the exact specifications of your home, your family and goes above and beyond all expectations to work perfectly together.

All of our systems are backed by industry leading warranties from our Tier 1 solar technology providers, including product, power, production and labor.

Titan's goal is to provide the highest possible value for consumers that want to save money by going solar. One of the ways we’ve accomplished this is by offering solar systems with panels that produce more kilowatt hours than conventional panels. Titan does this by utilizing the highest wattage panels available. The panels we use produce more power during the early morning and late afternoon, and have the highest energy per rated watt.

Solar Panels
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Keeping It Simple

A Philosophy To Get Behind. 

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Unwavering Commitment To Safety & Quality

Best Warranties In The Industry

Excellent Customer Service & Attention

“We’ll keep you and your assets safe by installing only the most advanced carbon-neutral renewable energy systems available by State licensed & NABCEP certified installation professionals.” Don't just take our word for it - take the word of our glowing reviews and find out why we are One of the Two Pearl Certified solar companies in all of Connecticut

Rest assured that we provide the best warranties in the industry. Along with the highest quality installs and equipment we also include 24/7 professional remote monitoring to always be sure your system is producing day and night. If at any point in time your solar system is not producing the electricity we promised - we will immediately provide you with a solution. 

The fact is, our consultants are here for you day and night. Every Session with client at Titan Energy Consultants is an education session.  The quality of our work coincides with the quality of our service to our family of Homeowners. We educate homeowners on the pro's and con's of solar and make sure to take care of the entire process even beyond system activation. We're committed to excellent service even years past the install of your system.


Local expertise, backed by national brands

From Our Family To Your Family

When you choose Terra Energy Consultants, your home solar is backed by a national brand and installed by our local experts.

We will customize your solar system according to local weather patterns, satellite sun-hours, building materials, we confirm your city codes as well as your utility guidelines and we make sure to qualify your home and apply/approve for all the State & Federal Incentives entitled to you for making the switch.


Our excellent service begins on Day 1 of your education session and extends to questions you might even have years down the line, we make sure you are covered with the utmost excellent service.

That Is The T.E.R.R.A Way.​

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Solar Panels

Switching To Solar Is Easy With T.E.R.R.A.

Our experts do the legwork. From determining whether your home is a good candidate for solar to engineering , customizing and matching you with the best solar system for your specific home, we are known for our customer service.

Our installers are carefully selected and highly trained to help ensure your installation goes smoothly.


Evaluate your Home

Your Energy Consultant will assess your roof’s size and positioning to determine the best roof configuration for your family and your home.

Review your Energy Bills and Future Needs

We will evaluate your current and previous energy bills and take into consideration your future plans (electric cars, a new pool, renova-tions, etc.) to assure that your solar system will provide all the power you need regardless of minute or massive plans.

Receive your Zero Commitment Savings Report

We’ll customize a solar solution for you with potential savings, and then provide a completely hassle-free experience.

Education & Myth Busting Session

After engaging with thousands upon thousands of homeowners all over the Connecticut we've found that a homeowner usually hasn't gone solar because of 1 of 2 reasons. 

1. They have been mis-educated or unfortunately are not well versed on new & improved federal & state programs that make the switch to solar simple and lucrative. We've found that most homeowners have common misconceptions and are delighted when we provide the right information.

2. Their home is too shaded and has too many trees for making the switch to solar to make any real sense financially. 

This is why we pride ourselves in educating homeowners on the real pro's and con's of switching to solar and allowing homeowners to make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

Local Operations and Customer Support

We’re a passionate team, proud to be at the forefront of solar technology and installation innovation that leads to reducing carbon emissions and immense savings for homeowners.   Our growing team is here to provide local expertise and renowned customer service.


What Does It Mean To Switch To Solar In CT?

Here at Terra Energy(Formerly Known As Titan) we have decades of experience within the solar industry and within that experience we have found that the vast majority of homeowners living in Connecticut carry a wide array of "Solar Myths" and "Solar Misconceptions" of what it actually means to switch their home utility/electric bill to solar. Through the hundreds & thousands of consultations we've provided our homeowners over the years we have found one major common denominator within this industry. That common denominator shows it's face when a homeowner does finally decide to take 20 minutes to allow a Terra team member come by their home for their free solar consult and educate them on the facts of what switching to solar entails. Over the years we have found that time and time again, these "Solar Myths & Solar Misconceptions" are best dispelled together through proper education of homeowners and good old fashion conversation.  Our main priority is making sure homeowners have the right information so they can make the right decision for themselves. 

Solar In Connecticut?

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